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C³ Technologies – the home of high performance composite


Having specialised for more than 15 years in the design and manufacture of high performance composite components (prototypes and production runs), our company is proud of the reputation it has forged for its technical performance, precision, efficiency and reliability in a wide range of activity sectors.

From Day One of your project right through to delivery of the finished component, and during every development phase in between (models, prototypes, researching and specifying the required tooling, pre-production, production process studies), C³ Technologies will place its unique blend of experience, recognised know-how and the skills of its highly qualified engineers at your disposal to help you achieve your composite projects!

Latest news

quality control - aeronautics - EN 9100

Objective : EN 9100 quality certification

On the 1st of june took place the official kick-off meeting for certification project at C3 Technologies, gathering all employees of the company. The goal is to be certified EN 9100 during 2017. With its involvement in the production of[...]

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carbon infusion wing tool elixir aircraft

First moulds for Elixir Aircraft

After many hours of design, meeting, manufacturing, the wing tool (made of 2 half moulds) for the Elixir Aircraft has been finished at the premises of C3 Technologies. This achievement represents a key milestone in the project. Production of tools[...]

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Boats keep cutting the finishing line – The Transat Bakerly

Started from Plymouth on May 2nd, skippers cross the line one after another at New York City, achieving a difficult race. The first to finish was François Gabart aboard Macif trimaran, in the Ultime category. Close behind is Thomas Coville[...]

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Our professional and institutional partners

C³ Technologies is a member of a number of professional groups and works in close co-operation with partner organisations to fulfil its clients’ needs and expectations ever more efficiently. The sheer diversity of skills available within these groups means C³ Technologies is able to further enrich the range of services it can provide. Its collaboration with these entities also means C³ Technologies stays fully up-to-date with the very latest technology and know-how.


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