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Carbon composite technology for marine applications

C³ Technologies has been providing a first class, reliable service for many years so little wonder it is today taking its rightful place as a leading company in the manufacture of technical prototype components for high performance sportsboats.

Historically, its core specialist business has been the manufacture of technical components for use in the maritime sector and today that quest for excellence continues, be it competitive or high-end yachting, or maritime and river transport craft.

Our achievements reflect the wide range of means and skills we have at our disposal in the maritime field. All our work is underpinned by our commitment to quality, rigour, precision and technological innovation.

MACIF Trimaran for the Collectif Ultime
foil and hydrofoil rudder trimaran Macif

Foils, rudder blades, centreboard, composite (carbon fibre) structural compartments 

Designed for open sea racing, this boat is the first of this size to be fitted with foils to enable it to lift itself above the water line. C3 Technologies has built the structural compartments for this 100 ft (33 metres) trimaran, plus the foils, hydrofoil rudder blades and centreboard.

IMOCA PRB monohull
Monohull for Vendee Globe and Imoca races

Foils and carbon fibre centreboards

Working in close collaboration with skipper Vincent Riou and his technical team, C3 Technologies built the rudder blades (which have a totally innovative profile) as well as the centreboards for this 60ft (around 18 metre long) racing boat. The rudder blades and centreboards were made out of carbon fibre and are one-off parts designed to meet the requirements of the PRB teams.

The plan is for the boat to compete in the IMOCO class of the race programme, the most prestigious event of which is the Vendée Globe.

Foils and rudder blades for a ‘flying’ motor boat

Composite foils and rudders

C3 Technologies manufactures the lifting foils that enable the boat to lift itself above the water and “fly”. Developed by the Swiss company, Hydros, the HY-X is the first ‘flying’ motor boat in the world to offer this level of achievement. To find out more, go to

Electric ferry / waterbus
bateau electrique composite

Composite electric waterbus

With zero emissions, these passenger transport vessels combine clean energy and the very latest composite material manufacturing techniques. C³ Technologies produced the hull support struts and other composite components.

Maxi Spindrift 2 centreboard

Carbon centreboard

The largest racing boat in the world (formerly known as the Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire 5), Spindrift 2 was designed to smash the records. It took C³ Technologies nearly 5,000 hours to make the centreboard, the foils and the central hull rudder blade for this ocean-going giant.