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C³ Technologies’ quality control procedures

In order to meet our client demands and provide top quality products and services, C3 Technologies attaches great importance to the various elements needed to operate an efficient quality control system. From the very first commercial exchanges through to delivery of the final product, we ensure every stage of every operation is fully monitored and traceable and that the technical specifications and planning requirements are respected.

Here is an overview of the principle steps we take to ensure the quality of the services we supply


Inspection of composite components

For every component, a checklist is completed by the operative responsible for manufacturing it, showing its dimensions, its weight and details of any way in which it deviates from the planning data. Every product has its own unique ID number engraved onto it to ensure full traceability both during the manufacturing process and its subsequent utilisation.

Test jigs
gabarit controle

CNC machining templates

Test jigs are machined digitally from drawings to verify the volumes of each part of the components produced.


Traceability of composite materials

Every product we make undergoes a rigorous review, and this includes the raw materials from which it is made. A tracking system that uses RFID chips (radio frequency communication system between a chip and a terminal) ensures the traceability of the reference details and the volumes of fabrics used for each product.

Additional checks

Ultrasound, 3-D checks, resistance checks, etc.

Other forms of control are available on demand to complement the checking process. These are carried out in association with C3 Technologies’ trusted partners and can include:

  • Ultrasound checks

  • 3-D checks

  • Physico-chemical tests

  • Mechanical resistance tests

Performance monitoring

Partner relations

At each stage, from the quotation right through to delivery of the final product, C³ Technologies ensures that every stage of the project is totally clear and transparent. Quotations, orders, products, delivery slips etc. all carry a unique ID number that means we can keep you informed about your project and quickly retrieve any data you need from our files.

Eco responsibility
  • Certified by Vague Bleue, a collective action in the area of La Rochelle dedicated to yachting professionals, our company ensures this way the treatment of its hazardous waste
  • Through its accession to the association Biotop, C³ Technologies implements several actions (waste and energy dashboards, wood waste recovery, plastic recovery, …) in order to consider environmental impact of its activities.