The technical means for the manufacture of composite components and requisite tooling

The world of composite materials is constantly evolving: materials, manufacturing and transformation processes, regulations, etc. Thanks to their continually improving performance and reliability potential, composite materials are of particular interest to those responsible for placing the most challenging orders in all sectors of industry and the leisure market.

1000m² workshop

Production workshop

1000m2 workshop divided into areas dedicated to different activities:

  • Clean room for pre-impregnated draping work, heated and air conditioned
  • Modelling / infusion / stratification on contact room
  • Fabric cutting room
  • Dedicated soundproofed milling room with extraction system with pivoting arms and suction unit
  • Delivery area
  • Joinery area
  • Production engineering office

Autoclave curing

  • Internal dimensions: 11.5 m long x 2 m diameter
  • Pressure build-up to 8 bar and a temperature of 180°C
  • Software for the remote control of autoclave activities (programmed cycles)
  • Logging of your component’s curing data (temperature cycle and pressure)
Digital 3-axis machining unit

Composite machining unit

  • Machine dimensions: 3 m long x 2 m wide x 0.3 m high
  • Wood machining for making pre-forms for moulds, test jigs or for checking components
  • Foam processing incorporated in your composite components
Digital cutting table for composite fabrics

Digital cutting table

Work surface: 1.6 m long x 1.3 m wide. For outstanding precision, rapid execution and total reproducibility, C³ Technologies digitally cuts pre-impregnated fabrics.

Spray booth
Rudder in painting in new paint booth

Surface preparation and finishing

  • Internal dimensions: 7.14m (L) x 3.08 (W) x 3.36 (H)

  • Heating up to 60°C
  • Preparation laboratory to AFNOR standard NFT 35-014
Negative cold chamber

Cold chamber

With 15 m3 capacity at -18°C, the cold chamber means fabrics pre-impregnated with resin can be stored such that polymerisation is avoided.

Dust and steam extraction system
dust and steam extraction system

Sawdust / composite dust and steam

We have installed a centralised system to capture as much dust as possible from inside the workshops. This includes:

  • Pivoting suction arms on the sanding/milling/trimming operations
  • Cleaning hoses in various locations around the premises
  • Suction tubes connected to the digital milling machine and the multi-function woodworking machine

There is also an extractor unit in the prepping area to deal with vapours from resins and solvants.

All of these facilities are ATEX certified.

Portable electric tools, vacuum network and compressed air
Vacuum pump

Basic tools for working with composite materials

Central vacuum pump system (2 adjustment levels) that supplies the entire work space. A pressurised air network is also deployed throughout the workshop while a large range of material processing machines (pneumatic and electric) is available from start to finish of the production process.