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Composite techniques at the service of the aeronautical sector

Composite materials are becoming more and more widely used in the aeronautical industry. C³ Technologies is responding to this growing demand by positioning itself at the forefront of developments in the design and manufacture of composite structural components intended for use in the lighter passenger and commercial aircraft of tomorrow. Composite materials have mechanical properties and specific installation characteristics that can be adapted to the manufacture of wings and flight controls, but they can also be used structurally and for specific technical components.

Two-seater plane for Elixir Aircraft
Elixir aircraft carbon innovative plane

100% carbon fibre certified aircraft

Elixir Aircraft is developing a ground-breaking new plane designed with tourists in mind and has chosen C3 Technologies as its industrial partner. We shall be manufacturing all of the aircraft’s structural parts (its wings, fuselage, flight controls, fins, flaps etc.). The wings will have a new “box” type structure.

E-Fan aeroplane wings
aile carbone EFAN

Carbon wings

Exhibited at the 2015 Paris Air Show, the E-Fan electric aircraft has been identified as one of the 34 projects included in the Nouvelle France Industrielle plan spearheaded by French Government Minister Arnaud Montebourg. The aircraft is characterised by a wide range of exciting technological developments and was developed by EADS (formerly the Airbus Group). The aircraft includes detachable wings made from 100% composite materials made by C3 Technologies. At the end of the project, a partnership was formed between the Institut P’, CRITT MPC in Rochefort and C3 Technologies. With funding from FEDER, the aim is to explore and exploit the new technical manufacturing processes used to make the aerofoils for this type of aircraft.