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Production of test pieces, prototypes, and manufacture of models made from composite materials

Be it in-house or in cooperation with research centres and other companies, C³ Technologies puts R&D at the heart of its strategy to ensure that the very latest and most technologically advanced processes and materials are always used.

From the production of test pieces allowing the specific features of composite materials to be studied, to prototypes and the study of new design and manufacturing processes, C³ Technologies is here to help and advise on the use of composite materials in your next R&D project.

C³ Technologies has been granted an Innovation Tax Credit that it can reinvest in further R&D.

Predicting the stability of a box-shaped wing (CIFRE thesis)
test for carbon hollow box wing

Trials on the structural element of a box wing

In partnership with Cermatex (Rochefort, 17) and ENSMA-PPrime (Poitiers, 86), C3 Technologies has manufactured a number of test items for studying the performance of a light aircraft wing that would be made in accordance with a “box” process (cells internal to the structure and wing spars, ribs and skin all manufactured in a single piece).

This project has received State aid overseen by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche under the Investissements d’avenir  programme, reference ANR-11-EQPX-0018 – part of the GAP Equipment of Excellence project.

Test pieces for establishing material characteristics
éprouvette test carbone

Composite material test pieces

To make sure the most appropriate materials are used for your project, and by taking advantage of the very latest techniques, C³ Technologies can make test pieces that will establish the specific characteristics of the materials proposed. Using a rigorous protocol, it will then research the product that best meets your technical specifications. Because we work with different research centres, we can provide you, if you so wish, with a full range of services.

Wing spar tests
test voilure carbone

Carbon aircraft wing spar

Component intended for use in the E-Fan aircraft wing development programme. It was made to enable a rupture test to be carried out at the CRITT MPC (CRITT Matériaux Poitou-Charentes) to determine the design and structural calculations (CRITT MPC, Institut P’), the relevance of the detachable wing spar/fuselage locking system (CRITT MPC, Institut P’, C³ Technologies) and the construction principles applied (C³ Technologies).

Flow tank test model

Flow tank test model

In order to be able to study flow properties, C3 Technologies built models capable of reproducing full-scale flow phenomena. This in turn enabled predictive behavioural models to be established so that the most appropriate components could be designed and modelled.

Keel model wind tunnel test

Model for testing

Produced with a view to optimising the finished product, these wind tunnel tests allowed hypothetical calculations and design features to be either invalidated or confirmed.
C³ Technologies produced these components to extremely precise tolerances as they needed to faithfully represent real-world characteristics at a smaller scale.