carbon also for high-end pleasure boat !
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carbon also for high-end pleasure boat !

By In News On 11/01/2017

Parts for racing boats, airplanes but also high-end pleasure boats share the use of carbon and high-tech processes. Beyond very good mechanical properties for a very light weight, this material shows an aesthetic interest which is another benefit in the pleasure boat market.

Among the new boats ot the danish shipyard X-Yachts, there are the X43 and X65 models for which C3 Technologies had been contributing. For these 41 and 63 feet long boats, X-Yachts called upon us to manufacture highly constrained parts such as the bowsprit, mainsheet arch and pedestal. Produced in prepreg -with autoclave curing in carbon moulds- these parts benefit from the same technologies as racing boats and aircrafts.

Yet, the high cost of this material and its associated production processes reserve the use for the most sophisticated units.